Serving the Williston area for more than 50 years.


A list of services offered by Model Dry Cleaners, including: dry cleaning, fluff and fold laundry, minor repairs and alterations, welders starch, military and first responder discounts, pick-up and drop-off in Watford City and Sidney, MT, comforters and down blankets cleaning, hat cleaning, bag and pusre cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning a garment with an organic solvent without using water. A surprising amount of clothes are designated as "Dry Clean Only" on their label, while other clothing has specific care instructions.

Ever wonder about those confusing Care Tags or ask the question Why Dry Clean?  We have answers for that, too. 



If you're tired of doing your own laundry or if you have some tough stains to remove, bring them by Model Drive-In Cleaners and we'll take care of it for you, following the care instructions for every kind of fabric, ensuring nothing is damaged.

Fluffed, folded, and ready to go by the time you come back to pick it up.

Minor Repairs and alterations

Regular wear and tear happens to all articles of clothing. If you have any minor issues, chances are we can take care of them for you.

If you have more specific questions about what we can or cannot do, bring your clothing item to 1129 2nd Ave. West or Contact us. 

Welder's Starch

Welder's Starch is a special kind of heavy starch used on flame resistant clothing to add an extra layer and keep whatever sparks are flying from getting through a shirt and catching a welder on fire. Model Dry Cleaners is an expert at applying welders starch, ensuring it's not too heavy to keep you from moving, and not so light you just catch on fire.

If you have questions about our welder's starch, Contact us


Military and first responders

We believe military personnel and emergency first responders are essential to the survival of our country and the fabric of our community. Because of this, we offer discounts on all military and first responders uniform cleaning.

Thank you for all you do for our community and our country; it is our pleasure to have your business. 


Watford City, and Sidney, MT

Not only do we service the people of Williston, but we are happy to serve those in the surrounding communities, including Watford City and Sidney, Montana!

To make service more convenient, we offer pickup and drop-off in convenient locations in all three cities:

  • Watford City: Meyers Department Store, 200 N. Main St. Watford City, ND

    • Pick-ups/drop-offs Wednesday and Saturday

  • Sidney, MT: Big Sky Embroidery, 108 E. Main St. Sidney, MT

    • Pick-ups/drop-offs Monday and Thursday

Comforters and Down Blankets Cleaning

If your comforter says "DRY CLEAN ONLY," it's easy to know you should dry clean your comforter, but even if it's labeled MACHINE WASH SAFE, a household washing machine can cause some damage. Not only can your colors fade, but any sort of filler can bunch up or shift, causing it to be lumpy and uncomfortable.

Bringing your comforter or down blanket to Model Dry Cleaners eliminates those risks, as we we take care of your items, keeping them out of heavy machines that might damage them.

Dry Cleaning/Laundry for Hotel Guests

If you're staying as a guest in a Williston-area hotel, ask the front desk about dry cleaning and laundry services through Model Dry Cleaners! We offer pick up and delivery services at most Williston area hotels. 

If the front desk is unfamiliar, feel free to Contact us.


Leather Cleaning

Leather jackets, leather chaps, or any other leather garments you need cleaned can all be taken care of through Model Dry Cleaners. When the summer ends, so does motorcycle and rodeo season. Make sure you take care of the clothing you need to stay safe.

We have been working with the same leather cleaning expert for years, so you know your leather goods will be taken care of by a specialist. 


Night drop box

If you're in a rush and can't make it in during store hours, you can drop your clothes off in our secure Night Drop Box, located just to the side of our main entrance.

Just make sure you drop your clothes off in a garment bag with your name and contact information, preferably the Model Dry Cleaners bag we provide to frequent customers.

Be sure to write a note regarding any special services your garments might need.

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation

After spending thousands on the perfect dress, make sure it lasts longer than just one magical day. We are experts at wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation with decades of experience in both. 

If you've ever dreamed of having a daughter walk down the aisle in the same dress you wore, make sure you preserve it so it lasts! 

Heritage Garment Preservation

The starting point for all garment preservation is a clean garment. If you are going to preserve a wedding dress or any kind of garment, you must have them cleaned. 

We clean and preserve all different kinds of garments you might want to save, including:

  • Baptism gowns

  • Military uniforms

  • Police/first responder uniforms

  • Athletic uniforms

Bag and Tag Program

Frequent customers at Model Dry Cleaners will get a free Model Dry Cleaners garment bag, perfect for dirty laundry or dry cleaning.

This bag will have a tag with your information and regular cleaning preferences (including starch, folding versus hangers, etc.), saving time when you need to drop your clothes off and go!