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Care Tags

Care tags on clothing and other linens can be confusing, but there are a few different categories they all fall into.

If you don't take good care of your clothing and your linens, they won't last. Yes, time will eventually fade even the best maintained items, but knowing how to properly clean every fabric you own is essentially for keeping them as close to new as possible. Luckily, all the items you might through in a wash come with simple tags everyone can read and understand, right?

Eh, kind of.

Clothing care tags fall into three separate categories:

Easy to Understand

Often times, your clothing and your linens will have everything laid out in plain-English. If a tag says DRY CLEAN ONLY you know you should bring that item in to Model Dry Cleaners. If it says, MACHINE WASH COLD, GENTLE CYCLE, LIKE COLORS, TUMBLE DRY LOW, it is easier to understand than a bunch of symbols you've never looked up, but harder to follow.

Hard to Understand

Have you ever looked at those tiny symbols on the little tags on your clothing and linens and wondered, "What does this even mean?" We assure you: you're not alone.

There are over 100 combinations of "common" home laundering symbols. Four little cartoon symbols can combine to mean: machine wash hot, gentle cycle, non-chlorine bleach as needed, dry flat, iron, steam, or dry with medium heat. Yes, you can find a guide to common home laundering symbols online, but do you have time to separate each item of clothing before washing and before drying to ensure they won't be ruined?

Just bring it in to Model Dry Cleaners. We do laundry, too. And we're pretty good at it.

Impossible to Understand (the Tag is Gone)

After years of having a favorite item, a flimsy tag can fade or be ripped off. Sometimes an item with an uncomfortable tag needs to have it cut off or sometimes you get an article of clothing and there just isn't a tag to reference.

At Model Dry Cleaners, we know fabrics and we know clothing care. Let us clean, fluff, and fold your laundry for you.